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Including liability insurance, physical injury insurance, property damage insurance, collision insurance, accident insurance, the other party has no insurance compensation, etc. When an accident occurs
1. Please confirm if your car is parked in a safe place to avoid another accident.
2. Look for eyewitnesses and ask if you are willing to testify and record the other party's contact information.
3 Exchange driver's license and insurance information with the accident partner, please do not pursue the attribution of responsibility. Unless it is a small accident that the two sides want to settle privately, please do not apologize to the other party or ask for compensation, so as not to face huge claims in the future.
4. Obtain the police report number from the police. The police report will usually be released several days or weeks after the accident. Please check the contents of the report carefully. If there is any error, please report the police immediately.
5. Please report the where and where the accident occurred to the insured insurance company and provide the other party's information.
6. Collect and organize any information related to the accident, such as the content of the call, the name of the caller, the time of the call, and the time, so that you can provide information in the future when facing legal proceedings.
7. If you feel that your rights have been violated, you should first seek legal advice to ensure that your rights are not affected.

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